July 20, 2018

Volume 43 September 16, 1999 Contents

Title Author Page
How Do You Do It? Stephen French front page
False Witnessing Mike Willis 2
James R. Cope Connie W. Adams 3
The Potter and His Vessels Richie Thetford 5
“Watch Those Tape-recorders” Tom M. Roberts 6
Joppa Mike Willis 10
Where Have All the Young People Gone? Greg Groves 13
The Importance of Marriage Donnie V. Rader 14
Follow Me Daniel H. King 16
Brotherly Love Larry Ray Hafley 17
Moses and Aaron’s Sin at the Rock Jason N. McCort 18
Is One Church As Good As Another? Bobby Witherington 19
Search The Scriptures Rody Gumpad 21
Uriah Donald P. Ames 22
Some Impossible Things Weldon E. Warnock 23