January 18, 2019

Archives for October 1998

October 15, 1998 Contents

Title Author Page Nick At NightDick Blackford front page Unscrambling An EggMike Willis 2 Why I Believe The BibleBobby Witherington 3 Tolerate, Then EmbraceLarry Ray Hafley 5 Young People’s LectureshipsDonnie Rader 6 Did Jesus Condemn?Steve F. Deaton 7 Our Personal Life Is Not a Private … [Read more...]

October 1, 1998 Contents

Title Author Page Who Drew the “Line in Sand” Against Gays?Richie Thetford front page The Spirit of IsaacMike Willis 2 What If God Is Listening To Our Songs?J.S. Smith 3 Three Things Which JustifyJohnie Edwards 5 Christ, the Disturber of MenDonald Townsley 6 Jewish Feasts and Festivals … [Read more...]