January 18, 2019

Archives for November 1998

November 19, 1998 Contents

Title Author Page Surface CuresLarry Ray Hafley front page The Temptations Related to Church GrowthMike Willis 2 Why Did You Send For Me?Connie W. Adams 3 Question From the InternetDon Willis 5 Postmodernism: An Old Enemy is onin a New SuitDavid McClister 6 The ConnectionPeter McPherson … [Read more...]

November 5, 1998 Contents

Title Author Page Who Is A Sinner?David Dann front page Christ Ever Lives: My Assurance of VictoryMike Willis 2 Intolerant ToleranceConnie W. Adams 3 “Diminished Credibility”?Larry Ray Hafley 4 Have We Left Christ Behind?Bruce Reeves 5 The Christian and His GovernmentDick Blackford 6 Give … [Read more...]