October 19, 2018

Archives for June 1999

Volume 43 June 17, 1999 Contents

Title Author Page Giving God Our BestJoel Fanninfront page A Liberal Mindset DevelopedMike Willis2 The Disposition of a ChristianDonald Willis3 The Sin of NeutralityOlen Holderby5 The Emergence of the Church of Christ DenominationJohn R. Hurt6 “Andy, Barney, and the Gang”Jarrod Jacobs10 The … [Read more...]

Volume 43 June 3, 1999 Contents

Title Author Page Nations That Forget GodP.J. Caseboltfront page The Advantages of Following ChristMike Willis2 Preaching in the Philippines — AgainConnie W. Adams3 Paul’s Discourse on DarknessDavid Eldridge5 Our Marvelous MemoryHarold Fite6 The PreacherForrest Morris7 BethlehemMike … [Read more...]