November 15, 2018

Archives for January 2003

Jan. 15, 2003 Contents

Title Author Page Are We Biting and Devouring One Another? Chris Reeves front page Religious Elitism Mike Willis 2 How Much Is Too Much? Heath Rogers 3 The Prayer of Jesus for the Unity of His Disciples … [Read more...]

January 02, 2003 Contents

Title Author Page A Challenge to SaintsJoshua Gurtlerfront page The Return of Pagan Ideas: The PantheonMike Willis2 Re-writing HistoryConnie W. Adams3 Harold V. TrimbleBill Cavender6 HinduismPaul Williams8 The James OssuaryDavid Dann10 Happy New YouLarry Ray Hafley13 English Translations of … [Read more...]