November 14, 2018

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November 18, 2004 Contents

Title Author Page Trivial Pursuit?Lewis Willisfront page Psalm 8: Man’s Place in God’s CreationMike Willis2 Events at the Second Coming of ChristConnie W. Adams3 The RaptureFrank Himmel5 Worshiping While On VacationKyle Pope6 Baptism: Is It An Outward Sign Of An Inward Grace?Kenneth D. … [Read more...]

November 04, 2004 Contents

Title Author Page Did Genesis Borrow From Pagan Creation Myths?Kyle Popefront page Confused About Your Sexual Identity?David Dann2 Mother Is Not HomeConnie W. Adams3 A Thousand-Year ReignFrank Himmel5 The Lord Will Deliver UsMichael Glaesemann6 Barriers to UnityIrvin Himmel8 Parenting — … [Read more...]