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January 19, 2006 Contents

Title Author Page Why Are We Losing Our Young People?Donnie V. Raderfront page “Churches of Christ Change Approach to Christmas”Mike Willis2 Washing FeetH. Osby Weaver3 The Cause of Many Problems Among BrethrenJohnie Edwards5 Rumors and Reckless HyperboleJoe R. Price6 What Kind of Funeral Do … [Read more...]

January 06, 2006 Contents

Title Author Page Men Who Should Not PreachWeldon Warnockfront page Volume LMike Willis2 Belizean Briefs (7)Bobby L. Graham3 Jewish Feasts and Festivals (3)Kyle Campbell6 Is Baptism Excluded From the Gospel by Galatians 1:11-12?Ron Halbrook8 Should Christians Be Cheerleaders?Heath … [Read more...]