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Archives for June 2008

Baptist Questions Given Bible Answers

Larry Ray Hafley (I received the following questions from a Baptist whom I do not know. Perhaps the answers given in response will be of help to him and others.) Bro. Hafley, First, you should know that I'm nothing more than a feeble-minded Southern Baptist. I agree in the plan of salvation … [Read more...]

I’m Of The Old School

Donnie V. Rader I feel as though I am a step out of time. My concepts and values just don't' seem to mesh with those of today's generation. Maybe I should have lived in an earlier time. I'm certainly not what some might call a 90's man. But, just about he time I have adapted to the fact that I … [Read more...]

Gospel Preaching, Gospel Preachers, Gospel Papers: The Heritage of the Guardian of Truth

by: Ron Halbrook (Webmaster's note : This article appeared in July 20, 1995 issue of Guardian of Truth . The name was changed to Truth Magazine in the January 1, 1998 issue. In that issue was this short note from the editor: Guardian of Truth Becomes Truth Magazine In 1981, after publishing for … [Read more...]

Submit Your Articles

Submit Your Articles Here! Truth Magazine 6567 Kings Ct. Avon, Indiana 46123 USA Mike Willis: 1-317-272-6520 editor@truthmagazine.com You can send your article as an attached file. … [Read more...]