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Should I Celebrate Christmas?

David A. Padfield Evansville, Indiana Christmas is just around the corner and already we can see signs telling us to "Put Christ back into Christmas." People everywhere are saying Christmas is too commercialized and that we are overlooking the real meaning of Christmas. Some preachers … [Read more...]

Truth Magazine Volume 44 2000

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Preachers and Preaching

James P. Needham The present attitude of the church toward preachers, and preachers toward churches and the work of preaching is a source of many problems among us. Some things need to be said very badly. … [Read more...]

Editorial: Concerning Truth Magazine

Bryan Vinson, Jr. Truth Magazine has many faithful friends. To these people it owes its very existence. Their continued concern for the welfare of this effort is all that has sustained it; and their prayers and support are continually sought. These friends often inquire: "What is the future of … [Read more...]

South Africa Report From Ron Chaffin

Dear brethren, Greetings from the southern tip of the African continent. I have had intentions of writing for some time but have been delayed because of preparations of material for teaching in prison and out of prison. Maybe I wait too long to try to send too much information at one time. … [Read more...]

2008 Truth Magazine Lectures

Great Texts Of The New Testament … [Read more...]


Towards A Better Understanding A meeting held in Burnet, TX in February, 2000 Subjects: Romans 14, False Teachers, and Fellowship Speakers: Ron Halbrook, Bob Owen, Paul Earnhart, Jesse Jenkins, Harry Pickup, Jr., and Tom Roberts This meeting is in book form and available from Truth … [Read more...]

2007 Truth Magazine Lectures

Great Texts Of The Old Testament … [Read more...]

Hispanic Resources

Bill H. Reeves' Web Page Wayne Partain's Web Page Valente Rodríguez's Web Page by Gardner Hall Sanas Palabras by Mark Reeves … [Read more...]

Board Statement Re: Alan Birdwell

Board Statement HTML Format Board Statement PDF Format The Christian and Civil Government - Mike Willis What Would You Do? - Steve Wolfgang Those Who Love To Hate - Donnie V. Rader Documents Refered To In The Statement From The Board WBKO News Report Alan Birdwell's … [Read more...]