December 16, 2018

2009 Truth Magazine Lectures

Great Truths From Historic Controversies

Title Author MP3
The Evening Lectures
Jesus Is the Christ: Conflict With Jews Steven Deaton mp3
That Ye All May Be One:The Efforts to Find a Basis for Unity Scott Finley mp3
Building on A Rock (Matt. 7:24-28) Johnie Edwards mp3
The Day Lectures
Jesus Is The Son of God: The Controversies Over Jesus Steven J. Wallace mp3
I Came Not To Destroy But to Fulfill: Conflict With the Judaizers Jim Deason mp3
Walking in the Light: Conflict with Gnostics Dan King mp3
Faith Without Works Is Dead: The Augustinian Controversy Alan Piner mp3
Was Peter The First Pope? Conflict with Catholicism Greg Litmer mp3
We Cannot Deny It: Miracles and the Charismatic Movement Danny McKibben mp3
What Must I Do To Be Saved? Joe Price mp3
Whosoever Will: Conflict with Calvinism Ethan Longhenry mp3
My Kingdom Is Not of This World: Conflict Over Premillennialism Keith Greer mp3
There Is One Body: Conflict over Oneness of the Church Justin Monts mp3
No Creed But Christ Mark Dunigan mp3
In Vain Ye Do Worship Me: Conflicts with Instrumental Music Charles Willis mp3
The Pillar and Ground of the Truth: Conflict over Institutionalism Tom Roberts mp3
By What Authority? Ray Warfel mp3
Women's Classes
The God of All Comfort Sue Cooper mp3
How Feminism Affects Women in the Church Lorie Baker mp3
Be of the Same Mind in the Lord Lydia Casey mp3

Thanks to Jacob Thomas Keese for his assistance in uploading these files.