January 18, 2019

Archives for April 2009

Excursion to Egypt and Israel (6)

by Mike Willis This morning we awakened in the city of Jerusalem. There is just so much to see in Jerusalem that there is no way to cover it all in one trip, unless perhaps one stayed an entire week in the city. We first went to the Mount of Olives for an overview of the city of Jerusalem. From … [Read more...]

Excursion to Egypt and Israel (5)

by Mike Willis We continued our travels around the Sea of Galilee and saw the traditional locations of various sites. Some of these locations cannot be specifically identified, but various religious groups have erected churches as a commemoration of various events. The area around the Sea of … [Read more...]

Church Contributions And The IRS

by Sherrel A. Mercer Apparently there is some confusion in the minds of brethren about the changes in tax law put into effect concerning charitable contributions beginning in 2007. IRS Publication 526, which is readily available on the Internet at www.irs.gov , should answer the … [Read more...]