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Prayers For Nathan Ing and His Family

Dear brethren and friends, In Dec. 2006 Nathan Ing (5 yrs old at the time) was diagnosed with a very rare and deadly form of brain cancer. Steven F. Deaton gave a report of what happened in "Nathan's Story," Truth Magazine, May 2007, pp. 8-10 (available here). The parents are a … [Read more...]

Nathan’s Story – Faith of Saints, Failure of Satan

by Steven F. Deaton The following will exhibit the faith and example of Christians. It concerns the Ing family, members of the Hebron Lane church of Christ in Shepherdsville, KY. Paul is a deacon and song leader who labors diligently and has helped many people—mainly by doing work on their cars. … [Read more...]

Collection of Articles on Institutionalism

A Profile of the Liberal and The Conservative - Ken Marrs (XXXVIII: 17, p. 20-22 September 1, 1994) Liberal or Conservative: What is the Standard? - Rodney Pitts (XXXIII: 7, p. 197 April 6, 1989) What Is The Difference Between "Liberal" Churches of Christ and "Conservative" Churches of Christ? - … [Read more...]

May Issue Online

For a limited time we are offering free access to the April and May issues of Truth Magazine online. Feel free to download these and read at your convenience. Please do not sell or repost on other web sites. Click one of the issues below to see it online Click one of the issues below to see … [Read more...]

Truth Magazine Volume 42 1998

Each Issue has a list of the contents:List all content files for 1998 Number 1 - January 1 Number 2 - January 15 Number 3 - February 5 Special - How To Study the Bible Number 4 - February 19 Number 5 - March 05 Number 6 - March 19 Number 7 - April 02 Number 8 - April 16 Number 9 … [Read more...]

The Moon: A Strong Argument For Creation

by Heath Rogers Have you ever wondered where the Moon came from? Those of us who believe in the Bible know the answer to this question. God created the moon on the fourth day (Gen. 1:14-19). However, atheists must come up with other explanations that do not include God. In an article titled … [Read more...]