November 16, 2018

Archives for December 2009

Let’s Read The Bible

Mike Willis This special issue is presented to you to encourage you to join us in reading the Bible in 2010. The Scriptures emphasize that faith is derived from the hearing of the word of God (Rom. 10:17). Were I to meet someone who did not believe in Jesus, I would direct him to the four gospels … [Read more...]

January 2010 Issue Available

The January issue is now available online for our subscribers. The best method to receive notification when future issues are published online is to subscribe to the RSS feed from this website. This offers the most options for receiving notification through e-mail, or to a news reader of your … [Read more...]

Currently Unavailable Issues

The following list contains the issues which are not currently available in the archives. These are issues for which I could not find any electronic copies. As I have availability and am able to obtain copies I will scan these issues to make them available in the archives. Volume 50 2006 July … [Read more...]

“Churches of Christ Change Approach to Christmas”

Mike Willis The title of this article was taken from an article by Bobby Ross, Jr.  in Christian Chronicle (December 2005). The Christian Chronicle article relates how churches of Christ have changed their approach to Christmas in recent years. Ross says that in the past “mistletoe was welcome, … [Read more...]