December 16, 2018

2010 Truth Magazine Lecture Audio and Powerpoints

A Crisis in Leadership

Title Author Hi-MP31 Lo-MP32 PPT3
The Evening Lectures
Simon Peter: "Everyman as Leader" Steve Wolfgang mp3 mp3
Leaders in the Church: Paul Bruce Key mp3 mp3 mp3
Leaders in the Church: Barnabas Steve Niemeier mp3 mp3
The Day Lectures
The Family Qualifications of an Elder Bobby Graham mp3 mp3
The Work of Elders Sherrell Mercer mp3 mp3
Training Men to Serve Gary Watt mp3 mp3 mp3
The Non-Family Qualifications of Elders Bobby Schrimsher mp3 mp3
The Elders' Relationship to the Church Jesse Flowers mp3 mp3 mp3
The Terms Used to Describe Elders Mike Vierheller mp3 mp3 mp3
The Qualifications as They Relate to the Work Randy Blackaby mp3 mp3
When Elders Abuse Their Authority Jerry Blount mp3 mp3
The Work of Deacons Terrell Bunting mp3 mp3
Morning Classes
Historical Controversies over Leadership Ron Halbrook mp3 mp3 mp3
Women in Business Meetings Tom Roberts mp3 mp3 mp3
The Authority of Elders Tom O'Neal mp3 mp3
Ladies' Classes
Qualifications of Elders and Deacons' Wives Sherelyn Mayberry mp3 mp3
Women's Role in the Church Kate Mitchell mp3 mp3
Great Women I Have Known Bobby Adams mp3 mp3

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2. Lo-MP3 files are in average 4MB to 7MB in size and are of a lower quality. ?

3. PPT files are PowerPoint presentations or slides containing charts used in the delivery of the lecture. You can download PowerPoint Viewer for free here. ?