January 18, 2019

Archives for June 2010

Do All Scientists and Surgeons Believe in Evolution?

by Joshua Gurtler It has been suggested that all credible scientists believe in evolution. Another way this is phrased is, “The scientific establishment is unified regarding the teaching of evolution.” If by evolution one means a change in gene frequency within a given animal kind over time, then, … [Read more...]

July Issue Available

The July issue is now available online for our subscribers. The best method to receive notification when future issues are published online is to subscribe to the RSS feed from this website. This offers the most options for receiving notification through e-mail, or to a news reader of your … [Read more...]

The Process of Appointing Officers

by Ron Halbrook I. The Things Written on Church Government Are to be Followed as a Pattern. A. Whatever God said on a subject is the pattern. What Paul wrote about elders and deacons constituted a pattern for Timothy to teach to the churches. See 1 Timothy 3:14-15. Notice that Paul’s written … [Read more...]

2010 Truth Magazine Lecture Audio and Powerpoints

A Crisis in Leadership … [Read more...]

Roberts-Trefethen Debates

In Tom Roberts's recent lecture "Women in Business Meetings" (2010 Truth Magazine Lectures--A Crisis in Leadership), he referred to two written debates he had had with Vance E. Trefethen.  Here are links to those debates: Roberts-Trefethen Debate on Women Being Involved in Making Congregational … [Read more...]

Halbrook Report: 38th Phillipine Trip Mar. 24-Apr. 23, 2010

Dear brethren, The crucified and risen Savior has always been a scandal to carnal men, “but unto them which are called, both Jews and Greeks, Christ the power of God, and the wisdom of God” (1 Cor. 1:23-24).  By God’s grace Jim McDonald took me to the Philippines to preach Christ first in 1995, and … [Read more...]

Special Issue: Instrumental Music

 by Mike WillisThis issue of Truth Magazine is dedicated to the study of instrumental music in Christian worship. The issue was organized and the authors were selected by Johnie Edwards. He has relied heavily on some of his former students from the training program at Ellettsville, though obviously … [Read more...]