January 18, 2019

Archives for July 2010

Bookstore Catalog – Online Edition

In an effort to make finding items in the catalog and online store easier, we are posting this alternative version of the 2010 bookstore catalog. This catalog is divided up into sections to allow quicker access to the items for which you are shopping. These individual sections are also available … [Read more...]

Question & Answser: God’s Use of Dreams

Web Administrators Note: Bobby Graham writes a monthly column in the magazine answering questions. Here is a sample from the August issue of the good work he does. Question: Does God sometimes send dreams to people to show them the way to go? Answer: On one occasion while Israel was in the … [Read more...]

August Issue Available

The August issue is now available online for our subscribers. The best method to receive notification when future issues are published online is to subscribe to the RSS feed from this website. This offers the most options for receiving notification through e-mail, or to a news reader of your … [Read more...]

Harvest Time, Pressing Need: Jonathan Carino

Dear brethren, In spite of the deep poverty and widespread suffering in the Philippine Islands, Filipino fields are white unto harvest (Jn. 4:35).  There are some brethren there who are men of great talents as well as great faith and dedication to the work of the Lord.  In order for them to be … [Read more...]