January 18, 2019

Archives for March 2011

Truth Magazine Online Edition April 2011

Two New Commentaries Mike Willis Remembering Julian R. Snell Connie W. Adams Why Be A Christian? Johnie Edwards Does Your Soul Prosper? David Dann Irony in the Scriptures Dick Blackford News of You Jeff Smith A Tribute to Anne Anning T. Sean Sullivan Wanted: … [Read more...]

Halbrook Report:Philippine Trip Jan. 31 – Feb. 25, 2011

By God’s grace and the help of His saints I completed my 41st Philippine trip January 31-February 25.  Paul said, “For a great door and effectual is opened unto me, and there are many adversaries” (1 Cor. 16:9).  On the first trip with Jim McDonald in 1995 it was impossible to envision what a … [Read more...]

2011 Truth Magazine Lectures In Athens, AL

Can Christianity Survive In America? June 20-23, 2011 Athens, AL - Area Hotels Quality Inn Days Inn Sleep Inn Holiday Inn Express Best Western Super 8 Hampton Inn Lecture Schedule - PDF File Hour Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday 8:00 AM … [Read more...]

Islam: A Study Of The Muslim Religion
The Supremacy Of Jesus Christ

By Mark Mayberry Introduction In this final lesson, we refocus on Jesus Christ. While acknowledged in Islam, His role is nonetheless depreciated. As we have previously noted, Muslims reject the concept of the Godhead (i.e., the Trinity), and insist upon God’s numeric singularity. Muslims … [Read more...]

Islam: A Study of the Muslim Religion – All

By Mark Mayberry Preliminary Considerations Introduction This is the first in an extended series of lessons on Islam. We will consider the Muslim religion, its founder, Mohammad, its holy book, the Quran, its distinctive doctrines and practices, and the threat it currently poses, both to world … [Read more...]

Islam: A Study Of The Muslim Religion
Contrasting Views of Essential Doctrines

By Mark Mayberry Introduction Let us consider several other areas of disagreement between Islam and Christianity. Specifically, we will now focus upon the issues of salvation, heaven, and the means by which faith is advanced. Regarding Salvation Islam teaches that men merit salvation by … [Read more...]

March 2011 Truth Magazine

My Brother’s Keeper Mike Willis “Where Does the Bible Say Not To?” Connie W. Adams A Review: Calvinism On Trial Bobby Graham Did The Risen Christ Only Appear To Believers? David Dann John Hagee And His Antichrist Tom O’Neal Glenn Beck and the Tower of Babel Kyle … [Read more...]