August 20, 2018

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Keith Storment Seeking a Church

Keith Storment (423) 330-8390 Erwin, TN What is the name and location of the congregation of which you are currently a member? North Erwin - Erwin, TN How many years have you been preaching full-time? 11+ How many gospel meetings do you typically hold each … [Read more...]

Tustin church of Christ (Tustin, CA)

Tustin church of Christ 16481 E Main St. Tustin, CA 92780 Contact Name, Email, and Phone: Greg Biard 714-832-6069 Average Sunday Attendance: 140 Does the congregation have elders?  Yes Does the congregation have deacons?  Yes How long has the congregation … [Read more...]

Truth Magazine Online Edition December 2015

THEME ARTICLES A New Ethic Bo Kirkwood Stem Cell Research and Treatment Evan and Marie Blackmore Cloning Ron Kirkwood The Christian and Birth Control V. O. Speights Fertilization Steven Ford Treating Depression and Anxiety John Kirkwood Hospice, End of Life Decisions, and … [Read more...]