August 15, 2018

Archives for July 2016

Southside church of Christ (Rapid City, SD)

Southside church of Christ 1302 E. Fairmont Blvd. Rapid City, South Dakota 57701-6327   Contact Name, Email, and Phone: Rob Cann 605-786-5665 Average Sunday Attendance:  45 Does the congregation have elders and deacons? No How long has the congregation … [Read more...]

John Humphries Seeking a Church

John Humphries 334 306-4172 Montgomery, AL What is the name and location of the congregation of which you are currently a member?  Southeast church of Christ How many years have you been preaching full-time?  11+ How many gospel meetings do you typically hold each … [Read more...]

Hallsville church of Christ (Hallsville, MO)

Hallsville church of Christ 5855 E. Hwy 124 Hallsville, MO 65255 Contact Name, Email, and Phone: Jarrod Borland 573-356-2893 Average Sunday Attendance:  40 Does the congregation have elders?  Yes Does the congregation have deacons?  Yes How long has the … [Read more...]

Truth Magazine Online Edition July 2016

THEME ARTICLES Becoming a Child of God Jarrod Jacobs Balancing Faith & Recreation Brent Paschall God and Career Scott Willis Preparing for Marriage Sewell Hall Acting with Conviction Nathan Mayberry Thinking "It Won't Happen to Me" Jerry King FEATURE ARTICLES That's … [Read more...]