November 14, 2018

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The Sabbath

By Mark Mayberry 4/23/2017 The Sabbath was a unique and important part of the Jewish religion. The Mosaic Code, given at Mt. Sinai, required that both man and beast cease from labor on the Sabbath (Exod. 20:8-11). In addition to being a day of physical rest and renewal, the Sabbath was also a … [Read more...]

Action, Accusation, and Answer

Action, Accusation, and Answer By Mark Mayberry 4/23/2017 Introduction Examining various negative encounters that certain individuals had with Jesus, let us reflect upon the recurring charge by the Pharisees that Jesus violated the Sabbath (Matt. 12:1-21; Luke 6:1-11). If this charge had been … [Read more...]


By Mark Mayberry 4/2/2017 Introduction The word “goal” often carries sports connotations. Webster defines it as “(1) the terminal point of a race; an area to be reached safely in children’s games; (2) the end toward which effort is directed: aim; (3) an area or object toward which players in … [Read more...]

Truth Magazine Online Edition April 2017

THEME ARTICLESYoung Man, What Are You Going To Do? Tadd Corder Reflections and Remembrances Bobby Graham Book Reviews Chris Reeves Neo-Catastrophism and the Death of Uniformitarianism Joshua Gurtler Do You Care What’s Right or Wrong? Dennis Abernathy “Locker Room Talk” Joseph … [Read more...]