June 21, 2018

August 19, 2004 Contents

Title Author Page
It’s About Time Lewis Willis front page
The Limits of Unity-in-Diversity Mike Willis 2
Editorial Left-overs Connie W. Adams 3
The Throne of David Frank Himmel 6
What If . . . Brian Anderson 7
Reading the Bible From Cover to Cover Abraham Smith 8
The Consecrated Life Bobby Witherington 10
Mrs. Jairus Stayed Home Larry Ray Hafley 12
They Continued Steadfastly in Prayer Harry Osborne 13
Homosexuality: What does the Bible Say? David McPherson 15
Things More Important Than Life Steve Wallace 16
Why I Left Catholicism Aaron Erhardt 18
“Verily, We Are Guilty” Olen Holderby 20
Restoring the Kingdom to Israel Marc W. Gibson 22
Brotherly Love Donald Willis 23