November 16, 2018

Truth Magazine Online Edition July 2017

THEME ARTICLES The Organization of the Church Jim Deason The Work of the Church Phillip E. Stuckey The Worship of the Church Shane Carrington Dangers of Deemphasizing Authority John Isaac Edwards The Pendulum Swings Ron Halbrook Ignoring the Pattern: Solomon Matt … [Read more...]

Truth Magazine Online Edition June 2017

THEME ARTICLES Bible Authority: Its Importance Mike Willis General and Specific Authority Reagan McClenny Commands, Examples, and Necessary Inferences Stan Adams When Are Examples Binding? Joe R. Price The Concept of Expediency Tyler Sams The Silence of God: Restrictive or … [Read more...]

Truth Magazine Online Edition May 2017

THEME ARTICLES Sports & Exercise: The Athlete & The Christian Jake Locklear Indoor Activities: Television, Movies & Music Bruce Reeves Indoor Activities: Playing Video Games Ryan Mayberry The Lure of the Lottery Richie Thetford Escapism Through Alcohol and Drugs Steve … [Read more...]

Truth Magazine Online Edition April 2017

THEME ARTICLESYoung Man, What Are You Going To Do? Tadd Corder Reflections and Remembrances Bobby Graham Book Reviews Chris Reeves Neo-Catastrophism and the Death of Uniformitarianism Joshua Gurtler Do You Care What’s Right or Wrong? Dennis Abernathy “Locker Room Talk” Joseph … [Read more...]

Truth Magazine Online Edition March 2017

THEME ARTICLES The Value and Danger of Skilled Speech Jesse Flowers The Value and Danger of Commentaries Joe R. Price The Value and Danger of Technology Tim Matheny The Value and Danger of Original Languages in Preaching Connie W. Adams The Value and Danger of Private … [Read more...]

Truth Magazine Online Edition February 2017

THEME ARTICLES He Taught Me About Work Corey Willis A Tribute to My Dad Jennifer Willis Mann Forty Years and a Mountain of Work Connie W. Adams In Appreciation of Mike Willis Kyle Pope A Life’s Work Daniel H. King, Sr. Mike Willis: Soldier of Christ and Friend Ron … [Read more...]

Truth Magazine Online Edition January 2017

THEME ARTICLES The Resurrection of Jesus Christ David Flatt Science and the Miracles of Jesus Sean C. Butler Archaeological Evidence for the Historical Jesus Luke Chandler The Bible as Evidence Ethan Longhenry The Evidence of Prophecy David Dann Internal Evidence: The … [Read more...]

Truth Magazine Online Edition December 2016

THEME ARTICLES The Rise of Skepticism in America: Editorial Explanation David Flatt Profile of an Unbeliever Daniel H. King, Sr. Historic Examples of Unbelief Keith Welch There Is a God: Making the Case for Belief Steve Wolfgang The Evidence of Creation: Why Accepting the Genesis … [Read more...]

Truth Magazine Online Edition November 2016

THEME ARTICLES Reaping the Harvest of Righteousness Ron Halbrook This World Is Not My Home Daniel H. King, Sr. Serving in My Senior Years Robert Harkrider Stepping Back with Grace Connie W. Adams Meeting the Spiritual Needs of the Confined Michelle Willis Helping Loved Ones … [Read more...]

Truth Magazine Online Edition October 2016

THEME ARTICLES Accepting the Yoke Corey Willis Maturing in Marriage Kyle Pope Shepherding the Flock Gary Watt Men-Women and a Midlife Crisis John Smith Mending the Broken Heart Stan Adams Facing the Sad Consequences of Sin Steve Wallace Filling the Empty Nest Bobby … [Read more...]