July 28, 2017

Brandon Trout Seeking a Church


Brandon Trout


Decatur, AL

(256) 822-9293

What is the name and location of the congregation of which you are currently a member? Somerville church of Christ

How many years have you been preaching full-time? 11+

How many gospel meetings do you typically hold each year? 2–4

If you do any preaching out of the country, where and how often? Never have but I'd love to.

Please list the congregations (with locations) with which you have worked full-time in the past. Southwest church of Christ in Baltimore, MD; Dover church of Christ in Dover, FL

If you have a desired region(s) or state(s), please list it/them here. Anything in the central or eastern part of the country. North or South.

Are you seeking full support? Open

Are you seeking a congregation with elders? Either

When can you start/move? Two months after agreement to work together.

Please provide any other relevant information. My wife and I and our three boys (picture below about a year old) are looking for a congregation we can work with for many years to come. We would love be able to settle down, put down roots and work for the sake of the kingdom with a group that wants to humbly and happily glorify God, seek the lost and strengthen the saints. Give me a call and let's talk about the work in your area. I'll happily answer any questions you have and provide references and sermon links.