December 15, 2018

Can Christianity Survive In America?
2011 Truth Magazine Lectures

8th Annual Truth Magazine Lectures
1st Ever In Athens, AL


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Christianity Can Survive In America
Jim Deason
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The Threat Of Islam
Andrew Roberts
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The Threat of Hollywood
Leon Mauldin
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The Breakdown of The Home
Philip Owens
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The Threat of A Diluted Message
Bob Waldron
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The Threat of Materialism
David Flatt
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The Threat of Sports Mania
Alton Bailey
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The Threat of Apathy
Aaron Veyon
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The Threat of Political Correctness
Bobby Graham
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The Threat of Secular Education
David Arnold
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The Threat of An Anti-Christian Government
Heath Robertson
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Christianity Can Be Victorious
Joshua Gurtler
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Special Lectures On Foreign Evangelism

The Growth Of The Church In The Philippines
Ron Halbrook
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General Observations On Foreign Evangelism
Connie Adams
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The Growth Of The Church In India
Joe Price
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