January 19, 2019

Liberty or Addiction?

By Phil T. ArnoldAll things are lawful for me, but all things are not helpful. All things are lawful for me, but I will not be brought under the power of any (1 Cor. 6:12).Are all things truly "lawful"? Of course not! There are some things that God has forbidden under any and all circumstances. In … [Read more...]

Searching The Scriptures An Overview

by Donnie V. RaderDuring the Florida College lectures in February, Connie called me to his motel room to tell me about the offer that the Guardian of Truth Foundation had made to buy Searching the Scriptures and put it to rest. I was surprised at first, but saw rather quickly that this would remove … [Read more...]

Article Series: Humanism

What Is Humanism?Humanism: An Evangelistic ReligionThe Goal of HumanismEthics Of HumanismSecular Humanism and ReligionHumanism And The BibleHumanism And The GovernmentHumanism And The Public SchoolsHumanism: The Exaltation of ManHumanism In The Mass MediaHumanism And The FamilyHumanism And Modern … [Read more...]

“Confess Your Faults”

By Ron Halbrook The Holy Spirit teaches us in James 5 to be patient and to pray in suffering or affliction of any kind (vv. 10, 13). In particular, the Christian who suffered physical sickness during the time that James wrote was instructed to call for the elders of the church to come and pray … [Read more...]

Eulogy For Mom

Lewis Willis Not only are there a number of people here — mourners — but there is also a flood of memories crowding its way into this small chapel. That’s the way it is at funerals. Sometimes a family can scarcely see the people who are present, because of the memories. Go ahead and remember — … [Read more...]

Editorial – First Issue

by Bryan Vinson, Jr. We are presenting this first issue of TRUTH to you for your careful reading and thoughtful study. We are mindful of the possibilities for good that are identified with the written word. The spoken word reflects the personality of the speaker, yet the permanency of the written … [Read more...]

Use and Abuse of Gospel Papers

Leslie Diestelkamp In a recent editorial in the Firm Foundation, brother Reuel Lemmons had some things to say that need to be said over and over again. He began by saying, "Someone suggested a few days ago that the editors of 'our' papers ought to get together and decide what the truth is and then … [Read more...]


Mike Willis A few months ago, a lady from church came to me saying, "I have been studying with my husband on tongue speaking and instrumental music in worship. Do you have anything that I could give to him on that subject?" Such questions are not unusual for someone to ask. Normally, I would have … [Read more...]

Gospel Preaching, Gospel Preachers, Gospel Papers: The Heritage of the Guardian of Truth

by: Ron Halbrook (Webmaster's note : This article appeared in July 20, 1995 issue of Guardian of Truth . The name was changed to Truth Magazine in the January 1, 1998 issue. In that issue was this short note from the editor: Guardian of Truth Becomes Truth Magazine In 1981, after publishing for … [Read more...]