September 25, 2016

Power Point Charts – Christian Living

Bible Love - by Andy Alexander Bible Authority - by Andy Alexander After Conversion - What Next? - by Andy Alexander Moral Excellence - by Andy Alexander Spiritual Fitness - by Andy Alexander Why Make Converts To Denominations? - by Andy Alexander Church Discipline - by Andy … [Read more...]

Power Point Charts – The Church

Church Growth Mov't - by Andy Alexander Church Growth - by Andy Alexander Fractured Family - by Andy Alexander Prayer - by Andy Alexander The Kingdom - by Andy Alexander What Kind of Church Is This - by Andy Alexander … [Read more...]

Power Point Charts – Textual Studies

Proverbs 1 - by Andy Alexander Proverbs 3 - by Andy Alexander Who Is Our God? (Acts 17) - by Don Brown Colossians 1:1-8 - Thanks For the Colossians - by Donnie V. Rader Colossians 1:9-14 - Prayer For the Colossians - by Donnie V. Rader … [Read more...]

Power Point Charts – Home & Family

Christ In The Home - by Andy Alexander Male - Female Roles - by Andy Alexander Marriage - by Andy Alexander Why My Family Needs the Bible - by Andy Alexander Why So Many Divorces - by Andy Alexander Who is in Charge? - by Steve … [Read more...]

Power Point Charts – Lecture Material

What Does the Bible Claim for Itself? - by Donnie V. Rader   First Century Morals for the Twenty-first Century - by Andy Alexander   Addictive Behavior: Gambling - by Joe Price   Evidence: Unity of the Bible - by Steve … [Read more...]

Power Point Charts – First Principles

[Read more...]

Sermons – Error Refuted

Dangers Facing The Church by: Donnie V. Rader Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage by: Ron Halbrook Characteristics of New Testament Miracles by: Lewis Willis Until Death Do Us Part by: Donnie V. Rader What God Has Joined Together - Jesus on Marriage (Lecture … [Read more...]

Sermons – Church / Kingdom

The Church Manifest God's Wisdom by: Mike Willis Dangers Facing the Church by: Donnie V. Rader Where We Should Be Heading by: Donnie V. Rader … [Read more...]

Sermons – First Principles

The Problem of Sin by: Donnie V. Rader In His Own Way by: Lewis Willis The New Birth by: Ron Halbrook Why I Never Wash by: Larry Ray Hafley … [Read more...]

Sermons – Christian Living

All of the sermon outlines are in pdf format. This is to maintain the outline format in all browsers. … [Read more...]