January 18, 2019

Comments on “Truth Between Extremes”

By Leslie DiestelkampRecent articles in this magazine on the general subject, "Truth Between Extremes," by brother Ralph D. Gentry, have been very interesting and edifying. They have been timely and have pointed us to dangers that we should avoid. However, in the article on "Cooperation," and … [Read more...]

The New Testament Is Inspired (II)

By Tom BuntingIn the preceding article published last month, attention was given to the canonicity of the New Testament books. In this article on the inspiration of the New Testament, we wish to study with you another equally important field--the credibility of the books. This area of study asks and … [Read more...]

The Sure Word of Prophecy: Fulfillment in Acts (I)- An Exposition of Acts (3)

By Clinton D. HamiltonIt affords me no little pleasure to write on a theme of such importance as is the sure word of prophecy.Origin of Scripture. From a statement penned by Peter comes the idea of the word of prophecy more sure, "And we have the word of prophecy made more sure; ...knowing this … [Read more...]

“In Perils Among False Brethren”

By Wm. E. WallacePreachers who possess a strong personality and a militant spirit will find they will make devoted friends and hostile enemies. Friends will be made from those of mutual interests who are appreciative of sturdy conviction and aggressive service. Others, repelled by the force of sound … [Read more...]

Your Son Will Be “Tried by Fire”!

By W. N. JacksonIn 1956, when I resigned from the military to preach the gospel, I purposed to write this article. I have purposed to write it many times since, but each time delayed the matter. I felt that this material was already in the public knowledge sufficiently. Only after hearing Willard … [Read more...]

Who Makes the Election Returns?

By Robert F. TurnerIt doesn't take a prophet to predict that many will be disappointed at the election returns; and s o m e who will gripe the most, will be people who didn't bother to vote. The voter does not lose his vote, no matter who wins. It is the "good men who keep quiet" that sell the … [Read more...]

Brother Ray Votaw

It has been reported to us through several sources that Brother Ray Votaw thus far has been unable to raise all the support he needs to return to work in Africa. Brother O. C. Birdwell of Kansas City, Missouri recently wrote: "I also became acquainted with brother Ray Votaw, and heard him tell of … [Read more...]

Editorial: Reviewing a Baptist Tract

By Cecil WillisA brother in Georgia recently sent me a Baptist tract entitled "Campbellism and the Church of Christ" written by E. C. Routh and published by the Sunday School Board of the Southern Baptist Convention. The brother asked that I write a brief review of this tract.The Church and … [Read more...]

Prophetesses And Covered Heads

By H. O. HuttoIn recent issues of Truth Magazine brother J. R. Pope has been discussing the questions of Bible Classes and Women Teachers. While not agreeing with everything that he has said nor with the use that he has made of every single scripture, I think that he has covered the subject rather … [Read more...]

Two Kinds of Atheists

By Luther BlackmonAtheists generally fall into two classes: First, those who are atheists because of moral failure. These atheists realize that if there is a God who created us as we are, that is with a sense of moral responsibility, then this God will expect something of his creature and will call … [Read more...]