August 18, 2018

Correcting a “Report from Cincinnati”

By Lester Herrin - Vernon Taylor

There appeared in this journal in the February, 1963 issue, a report from Cincinnati written by Woodrow Plyler who at that time was living in Cincinnati but now is living at 6807 Tuttle Street, Tampa 3, Florida. This report was an effort to stigmatize the Lockland Church of Christ as being institutional and corrupt. We have intended, since this article appeared, to make a brief reply that brethren may know the truth concerning us. The Lockland Church of Christ was founded in 1937 and from that day until this day, not one dime has gone from the treasury of this church to the support of any human institution. The reason why this has not been done is because we believe such institutions as the benevolent organizations, missionary societies, and colleges have no scriptural right to be supported from the treasury of the New Testament Church. This has ever been our position; this is what we teach.

We have at no time claimed to be sinless nor do we admit to the charge of being corrupt. We believe the New Testament is our only rule of faith and practice. This we preach and believe and are making every sincere and honest effort to follow. We are making efforts to live soberly, righteously, and godly in this present world. We believe that our hearts are such that we only need to be informed of any "corruption" for correction to be immediately made.

The report referred to makes the insinuation that the Lockland Church is not free from the modern corruption of the modern trend, but even in this there is nothing specific enough for us to know what the allegation is; therefore, we ask to know what modern corruption of the modern trend we are guilty of. We have no creed but Christ; we have no rule of faith but the New Testament and call upon men to follow nothing but this in their living. We contend earnestly for the faith that was once delivered unto the saints. We believe our future for growth and work is bright.

We believe in the government furnished the church that is given in Phil. 1:1. We believe the elders should rule the flock and have the oversight of it as Heb. 13 and 1st Peter 5 teach. We do not believe that elders are lords of God's heritage, but we do believe they are tenders of God's people.

Truth Magazine VIII: 4, p.23
January 1964