July 21, 2018

Creation Controversy

The following articles are a collection of what has been written and published on the creation controversy. Believing that both sides of any controversy should be heard, we publish both sides here.
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Introduction to Articles on the Creation Controversy by Donnie V. Rader

Link to Watchman Magazine Special:

Biblical Evidences -vs- Unbiblical Compromise Edited by Harry Osborne

Exchange between Shane Scott & Greg Gwin (PDF)

  • Introduction to the Sentry Debate **
  • Point (My Article on Genesis) - by Shane Scott **
  • Counterpoint - by Greg Gwin **

Tom O'Neal's Letter To Ferrell Jenkins and Colly Caldwell

An Open Letter: The Creation Account & Florida College by Harry Osborne and Daniel King

Colly Caldwell's Article - FC Magzine - October 1999 by Colly Caldwell

The President's Position on Teaching Divine Creation at Florida College by Colly Caldwell

Ferrell Jenkins' Lecture on The Days of Genesis 1 (Feb. 8, 2000) by Ferrell Jenkins

A Response to the Creation Account and Florida College by Tom Couchman

A Response to Tom Couchman by Maurice Barnett

A Response to Tom Couchman's Response by Dudley Ross Spears

Colly Caldwell's Letter of June 30, 2000 - Response to the Open Letter by Colly Caldwell

Response to Colly Caldwell's Statement and Letter by Harry Osborne

A Personal Chronology of Events Which Led to the Publication of the Open Letter by Harry Osborne

My Postion Isaiah 7:14 and the Creation Controvery by Dan King

A Response to the Open Letter by Shane Scott **

The Days of Creation - from Truth Magazine July 6, 2000 by Connie W. Adams

A Response to Connie Adams by Shane Scott

The Creation Controvery and Florida College by Ferrell Jenkins

Connie W. Adams, Shane Scott, Tim Haile, Miracles, Truth Magazine and the CD by Ferrell Jenkins

"The Days of Creation" - Some Things to Consider by Colly Caldwell

James P. Needham Joins Those Who Don't Know by Ferrell Jenkins

Hill Roberts' Response to the Open Letter by Hill Roberts

Why I Signed the Open Letter by Tim Haile

Response to Ferrell Jenkins by Tim Haile

Rejoinder of Lamentation by Harry Osborne **

Open Letter: Creed, Council or Expression of Concern? by Harry Osborne **

Floods, Science and Religion, Kinds, Evening and Morning - Sustained by Hill Roberts

Reply to Hill Roberts' "Floods, Science and Religion..." by Dan King

A Letter to Colly Caldwell by Chris Reeves

A Letter to Ferrell Jenkins by Chris Reeves

A Letter to the Board Members of Florida College by Chris Reeves

"Making Sense of the Days of Creation" A Review of Ferrell Jenkins' Lecture at Florida College, February 8, 2000 by Steve Wallace

Days of Genesis One - Does It Matter? by Larry Ray Hafely **

The Seminar at Florida College by Dan King

The Biblical Chronology by Dan King

The Days of Genesis One (1) - Daniel H. King
The Days of Genesis One (2) - Daniel H. King Sr.
The Days of Genesis One (3) - Daniel H. King Sr.
The Days of Genesis One (4) - Daniel H. King Sr.

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