December 13, 2018

Dan McMahan is Looking for a Congregation

Dan McMahan is Looking for a Congregation

Name: Dan McMahan


Current Location: Florence, AL

Phone: (256) 366-6779

What is the name and location of the congregation of which you are currently a member? Midway Church of Christ in Florence Alabama

How many years have you been preaching full-time? 11+

How many gospel meetings do you typically hold each year? 1

If you do any preaching out of the country, where and how often? (N/A if none.) N/A

Please list the congregations (with locations) with which you have worked full-time in the past:

Midway-Florence, AL for 7 yrs. Dibble Road-Aiken, SC for 6 yrs. McRae Road-Camden, SC for 6 yrs. Chickasaw Dr.- Huntingdon,TN for 4 yr. North-Fort Wayne, IN for 1 yr.

If you have a desired region(s) or state(s), please list it/them here. N/A

Are you seeking full support? Yes

Are you seeking a congregation with elders? Either

When can you start/move? (Provide a date.) 2/01/2019

Please provide any other relevant information. I am looking for a congregation that loves God, His truth, and one another. I am seeking members that will join with me in the work of the Lord. I have a strong desire to reach those who are lost.