August 18, 2018

Defiled Religion

By A. C. Grider

The liberal preachers among us, being unable to find scripture for their schemes, try to maintain their positions by propaganda and prejudice. One malicious appeal to prejudice they use constantly is to ask the question "What is to become of a baby if it is left on the door step of the antis?"

This is a hypocritical question, for they KNOW we would take care of it. And anybody else would take care of it almost. I say almost. Let me explain. Recently a baby was left on the steps of a church building in Birmingham and OVER A HUNDRED people offered to adopt it! That makes it look like everybody would take care of such a child. But there are SOME who cannot be counted on to help such a child.

Recently a baby was left on the doorsteps Potter Orphan Home in Bowling Green, Kentucky and it was demonstrated that those people would not care for the child. That's right! They turned it over to the welfare agency with the Superintendent "explaining" that the home "was not equipped to care for children under 3 years old."

Think of it friends! Here is a SO-CALLED "home" that claims to be the ONLY medium through which pure and undefiled religion can be practiced and yet admit a child under three years old can't get in. If that doesn't melt the frosting on the cake! They tell us if we don't build and support these homes the Catholics will get the children! What's to keep the Catholics from getting them before they are three years old?

To be honest, Potter Orphan Home would have to say "Send us your money and IF THE CHILDREN DON'T STARVE OR THE CATHOLICS GET THEM BEFORE THEY ARE THREE, and if they are white children in good health we will take them and practice pure and undefiled religion on them!"

So if a child is left on anybody's doorstep EXCEPT the liberals, it will be given a home. If left on THEIR doorstep, it will be turned over to the welfare authorities.

Truth Magazine VIII: 5, p. 17
February 1964