February 16, 2019

Editorial: A Restatement of Editorial Policy

By Cecil Willis

One of the purposes for publishing TRUTH MAGAZINE is to provide a suitable means of brotherly discussions of Bible themes upon which brethren may differ. When such controversial exchanges occur, as they have and will, no one can be expected to concur with both of the disputants. To do so would be very illogical.

I want it understood, again and again, that I do not propose to set myself up as an infallible brotherhood censor, asserting that no one can be heard unless he agrees with me. When sincere and reputable brethren present well-written articles on controversial themes, whether I agree with the articles or not, they shall be published. However, I shall also elect either to reply or to publish replies to such articles.

A dangerous precedent has been set when any editor proposes to let nothing appear with which he is not in agreement. Such a presumptuous editor must believe he is infallible. Unfortunately, some of our editor-brethren have assumed this arrogant position.

It is my confident belief that truth, like gold refined by fire or burnished brass, will emerge from the crucible of properly conducted controversy, shining all the more brilliantly. Our readers will thus have the opportunity to consider personally the relative merits or demerits of any position under question. Too, this will eliminate the possibility of building a paper-party, as some papers already have done.

I have not agreed with every position taken in every article. Each writer shall be held responsible only for his own articles. If for any reason you wish to know whether I agree or disagree with a particular statement in any published article, a letter addressed to me will bring the satisfaction of your request. But the mere fact an article is published is not to be construed to mean it has editorial endorsement.

Through the pages of TRUTH MAGAZINE issues shall be discussed and re-discussed so that any gem of truth presented may stand out clearly as a valuable jewel available to all truth-lovers.

Truth Magazine VIII: 7, p. 4
April 1964