February 18, 2019

Florida College’s New Library Building

By Cecil Willis

Just about now the new William F. Chatlos Library on the campus of Florida College in Temple Terrace, Florida should be completed and ready for use. Every person even passingly acquainted with educational processes knows that the library is the heart of every school's educational program. Ever since Florida College began in 1946 it has been forced to operate with a deficient library. This dire need is now being solved.

The new library building just being completed cost $250,000.00. Prior to the erection of this building, there just was not room for the volumes needed in the library of a first rate educational institution. There is now ample room, but there is the need for additional books for the library of this excellent school. No fewer than 1,000 select volumes should be added this year to maintain accreditation.

I would like to request that you join with others who are interested in the right kind of education to assist in supplying the needed volumes for this excellent new library building. I am not talking about getting you to do a house cleaning job, and to send the library every old volume you would like to discard. Of Course it is possible that you might have a 'I few books worth putting in a college library. I

But what are badly needed right now are some new books in highly technical fields. Many of the books needed are specified. Thus cleaning house and sending your leftovers will not actually meet the present need. These are books that must be purchased, and cost "hard money." They average costing $11.50 each. What I am recommending is that all of us who have availed ourselves of the benefits of such a school, all of us now using the school to educate our children, all of us who intend to use this school to educate our children and grandchildren, and all of us who are interested in the type of work done at Florida College, assist in supplying the books needed for this new library building.

A person providing ten or more books will be remembered by having his name inscribed on a permanent plaque on the library wall. You may send a book in memory of someone. Or you could give a book in our own name, or anonymously if you prefer. But please furnish at least one of these $11.50 books, if you possibly can. Use the clip out labels below to send with your check marked "Library Fund" and made out to Florida College. Your signature on the emblem below and a check for one or more books will live in the minds and hearts of youth for years to come.

Let us see how many of these 1,000 needed books TRUTH MAGAZINE readers can supply. Conservative Christians have a lot of requests made upon their resources, bt4t I have found that when it comes to contributing money for causes they believe in, conservative Christians are very liberal. Here is a chance for you to put a few of your dollars to good use.

February 1968