June 20, 2018

How Do You Explain Our Disagreements?

By Eugene Britnell

When the world questions us concerning our disagreements, I think we can use such to an advantage in
teaching some truths. I point out that we are a FREE people; that each Christian is left to study and investigate
the Bible for himself; that we are not bound by the words of some pope, priest, preacher, council, convention
or the traditions of men. I refer them to the division and issues which existed in New Testament churches.

From the moment it began, the church has thrived on controversy. Out of struggle comes strength. A
constant re-examination of faith and practice is essential to the purity of the Lord's church. What if no one ever
voiced objection or criticism to what brethren are doing or desire to do? We would head for apostasy as rapidly
as time could carry us. The church has always been blessed and her purity preserved by those sincere,
conservative minded, courageous brethren who are 'watchmen on the walls of Zion', who are not afraid to 'cry
aloud', and who refuse to 'cry peace, peace, when there is no peace'. This is not written in defense of division,
but remember, there is one thing worse than division, and that is UNITY IN ERROR.

Truth Magazine IV:7, p. 24
April 1960