August 18, 2018

I Was Shocked

By Lewis Willis

We just concluded that time of year when most Americans have their attention focused on Christmas. Commercially this is the best time of year for most companies - they make more money now than they frequently make throughout the remaining part of the year. So, almost every merchant is trying to cash in on the Christmas buying binge. Sometimes these efforts are so ridiculous and appalling that they almost leave you gasping for air.

A service station around the corner from our building has a message board which they attempt to use to attract customers. They have done their "Christmas thing" and here's what their sign says:

"Oh come let

Us adore Him

All Cigs 83 cents"

As our crucified Lord in Heaven looks down upon the deeds men do, He must be aghast at man's thoughtlessness. I imagine He really feels honored and adored having His "birthday" (?) so closely associated with the going price of cigarettes! I guess next week they can put a message that says:

"Silent night

Holy night

Budweiser $2.98"

This entire "religious season of Christmas" is foreign to the teaching of the Word of God. He did not authorize it, nor does He want us to manufacture it and use it for commercial purposes. Ladies and gentlemen, we're going to give account for this nonsense one of these days (Rom. 14:12).

Guardian of Truth XXXI: 2, p. 51
January 15, 1987