June 18, 2018

January 6, 2005 Contents

Title Author Page
The Blood That Speaks Lewis Willis front page
People Who Destroy Churches Mike Willis 2
Tactics of Intimidation Joe R. Price 3
Is the Truth Whatever You Want It To Be? Dennis Tucker 5
“Forgetfulness” and “Fruitfulness” Bill Cavender 6
Resurrections a-Plenty Frank Himmel 9
Money Randy Blackaby 10
New Year’s Hesitations Larry Ray Hafley 12
“Sex on TV Influences Teens” Larry Ray Hafley 12
The Christian Life: Sacrifice and Progress Richie Thetford 13
Belizean Briefs Bobby L. Graham 15
Reverencing God in Our Worship Heath Rogers 19
The Conscience Mark Mayberry 22
The Destruction Caused by Divorce George Parsley 23
If You Can’t Convert Them, Join Them! Bobby K. Thompson 24