June 22, 2018

June 07, 1998 Contents

Title Author Page
The Promises of God Lewis Willis front page
Psalm 64: A Saint Faces Slander Mike Willis 2
Even Barnabas Was Carried Away Connie W. Adams 3
Thinking About the Family (1) Greg Litmer 5
Waiting for the Coming of Our Lord Jesus Christ Dan King 6
Into What Were You Baptized? Tom Hamilton 8
The Lord’s Supper — Its Frequency Johnie Edwards 10
Time for Your Children Larry Ray Hafley 11
Religious Controversy Ron Halbrook 12
Compartmentalizing One’s Life James P. Needham 14
“Some Believed . . . And Some Believed Not” P.J. Casebolt 16
The Bible and Near Death Experiences Steve Wallace 18
Guilt Removed in Christ Harold Fite 19
What Does the Bible Say? Clarence Fell 21
Truth Unites Steven F. Deaton 23