July 18, 2018

June 1, 2007 Contents

Title Author Page
See You at the Lectures Mike Willis 2
Let My Conscience Be Your Guide Connie W. Adams 4
Which Came First? Lewis Willis 5
Holy Spirit Baptism Initiated the Gospel Age Ron Halbrook 6
Which Verses to Read, Which Verses to Sing? David Maravilla 11
“Ye Have the Poor Always With You” (2) Steve Wallace 10
Entertainment Olen Holderby 9
Spiritual Bullies Joe Price 12
Religious Pacifist at Lipscomb Steven Deaton 14
Bible Pictures of Evangelism Johnie Edwards 15
Questions and Answers Bobby Graham 16
Did They Find the Tomb of Jesus? Jay Horsley 18
Do You Need to be Encouraged or Warned? Gary Henry 20
Reading, Writing, and Reflecting Steve Willis 21
The Value of the Local Church Ethan R. Longhenry 22
Late For Services Again Don R. Hastings 24
The Responsible Way For a Christian to Handle Alcohol Heath Rogers 25
“An Everlasting Foundation” Vernita Goodall 28
Children’s Activities Donna Halbrook 30
Book Marks Chris Reeves 31