August 15, 2018

June 21, 1998 Contents

Title Author Page
Speaking Smooth Things Johnie Edwards front page
Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage Donnie V. Rader 2
“Speak Unto Us Smooth Things” Johnie Edwards 3
The Lord’s Church Harold Fite 5
God’s Righteousness Versus the Imputed Righteousness of Christ Connie W. Adams 6
Romans 14 and Fellowship Tom Roberts 8
Bible Baptism John Isaac Edwards 10
The Holy Spirit Aude McKee 12
Instrumental Music in Worship Lewis Willis 14
The Role of the Woman in the Church Andy Alexander 16
Sin Johnie Paul Edwards 18
The Deity of Christ Harry Osborne 20
The Plan of Salvation Weldon E. Warnock 22
The Two Covenants Frank Jamerson 24