June 21, 2018

Like “Ole Man River” – They Just Keep Rolling Along!

By Brent Lewis

It used to be said that only two things were certain -- death and taxes. I think I've found another.

I recently read an article concerning the College Church of Christ (Denominational) in Fresno, California. This congregation had its beginning on December 6, 1964. These are a few of the happenings that have taken place among these liberal "brethren"--- and are being repeated an hundredfold all over the country:

1. In his opening speech on December 7, the local minister, John Banks, repeatedly built up the church universal, and played down the church local.

2. The following was his definition of the church universal: "A great fraternity that tries to live a little bit above the world." With this definition, he told his audience that the church local was simply a geographical segment of the church universal--and that the local church was not the important thing.

3. This is brother Banks' theory of the work of the church and the preacher: "The preacher is a paid specialist to help people solve their problems or aid in getting some husband to return who has wandered away. This is really a bargain--you pay so little for such great benefits. A group of specialists whose business is to aid --you can't buy that help for less than $40.00 an hour down town. These services cannot be in many places in the world."

4. Brother Banks invited everyone who did not have a "church home" to make their "church home" with them. The invitation that he offered was this: "If you want to be a charter member of the College Church of Christ, mark a big 'X' on your card."

5. In his final remarks about how fine a church this was going to be, he said this: "The proof of the puddin' is in the eating-- so immediately after being dismissed, coffee, cookies, and donuts and other goodies will be served in the fellowship hall." (By the way, that hall where they had "fellowship" was separate from the hall where the preaching was done. I don't know what it was that they had while the preaching was going on . Ants in their pants, probably!)

6. In the Sunday advertisement in the local newspaper, they mentioned these offices of the church: Educational Director Minister, Assistant Minister, and Secretary.

7. Frank Pack, who spoke the day before, was given the religious title of "Doctor Pack." (You know, "They that are whole have no need of a physician, but they that are sick." Guess he's their spiritual doctor! )

8. Gold crosses were worn on the coat pockets of the ushers. ( To keep away the evil spirits, I guess. )

9. Palm Avenue Church of Christ (which was active in the "Cows for Korea" brotherhood promotion) was described as the "mother congregation!"

Now, friends, there may be some who would call this a church of Christ, but I prefer to use the term, "SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN!" These are just some of the things that are taking place among so-called "Churches of Christ" today! And, friends, there is no stopping place! The only limitation that I know of that can be placed on these schemes and promotions in the future are the ingenuity of the liberal brethren. And, mister, we've got some ingenious ones in the brotherhood! You just think it up, and they'll do it!

"Mother congregation" -- I'll say! And you know--you just can hardly find them any more! I wonder what wonderful denominational idea she'll "spawn" next?

Oh, yes, before I quit -- that third certainty I was talking about. I think maybe three things are certain--death, taxes, and that those liberal brethren are gonna get "liberaler" and "liberaler!" Wait a minute --you say there ain't such a word?? That's okey, buddy -- I ain't never heerd of no "Mother congregation" neither!

Truth Magazine IX: 9, pp. 14-15
June 1965