July 16, 2018

Looking Ahead

By Bryan Vinson, Jr.

Four years have past since the first issue of TRUTH Magazine rolled off of the press. These years have
been trying years. They provided the setting for a difficult struggle -- a struggle for the continuation of
TRUTH. It has often looked as though the battle could not be won. Those of us closely associated with the
actual production of the magazine have sacrificed both time and money to continue this effort. Throughout the
entire period the most encouraging signs have been the letters we have received from readers telling us of the
good being accomplished. As I recall those encouraging communications I take courage and look ahead to
another year of publication-a year in which our medium may serve a useful purpose in spreading the "truth of


We are proud to add to the list of staff writers the names of Cecil Willis and Bill Fling. The writings of
these men are not new to the pages of this journal. They have been a source of encouragement to our efforts
in the past, and I welcome them to the staff of TRUTH Magazine.

You will probably note that some names have been omitted from the list of staff writers. This has been
done by request. Bro. James R. Cope has asked us to remove his name only because of a busy schedule which
does not allow him to write a sufficient number of articles. Bro. Ollie Duffield has also requested that his name
be dropped from the list.


Several hundred of our readers have been receiving TRUTH Magazine the past year without charge. This
has been the result of help extended to TRUTH from many friends throughout the country. These brethren will
doubtless continue to help-but others will be given the opportunity to read TRUTH without charge. Those who
have received it in such a way in the past will now be called upon to renew for themselves. You will be
receiving an "automatic renewal notice," and we urge you to remit your money at once. The best way to say
"thanks" to those who made it possible for you to read TRUTH is to renew your subscriptions. (And while you
are doing so, why not send TRUTH Magazine to a friend?)


By the time you receive this issue of TRUTH Magazine, bound Volume IV of the magazine will probably
be ready to mail. The price is the same-$4.00. Please send payment with orders. This book, completely indexed,
is beautifully bound to match volumes 11 and 111. Place your orders today! (A few copies of bound Volume
III remain. Better order soon!)

Tract on "Current Issues" Being Reprinted

The tract by Foy W. Vinson, "Some Facts Concerning Current Issues," is being reprinted. This tract was
originally distributed free, but will now sell at a reasonable price. Five dollars ($5.00) will buy 100. If you need
a tract to help promote proper attitudes -- order this one. If you placed an order when the supply was
exhausted, please order again. Order all tracts from the Beacon Bible House.

Home Again . . .

"There is no place like home!" Truer words were never spoken. And home, like so many other blessings,
is never appreciated quite so much as when you have had to be away. Your editor covered more than 14,000
miles this summer -- preaching in Ohio, Texas, Oklahoma, and California. My travels have afforded me many
pleasant experiences. But I'm glad I'm home. And I am looking forward to communicating with you each
month through the pages of Truth magazine's fifth volume. This work, together with entering my sixth year
with the church here, and my school teaching will keep me busy -- and that is when I'm happiest. I'm happy
to be busy -- at home!

Truth Magazine V:1; pp. 2-3
October 1960