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March 06, 2003 Contents

Title Author Page
Five New Testament Passages Revisited Chris Reeves front page
The Bible Doctrine of Hell (3) Mike Willis 2
Editorial Left-overs Connie W. Adams 3
Are There Saved People Outside the Church of Christ? John Isaac Edwards 6
When Christ Comes To Your House Walton Weaver 8
An Addendum to: “Godly Characteristics of Preachers” Shannon Ramey 9
“Blessed Are the Merciful . . .” Jim McDonald 10
Thank God For Apollos Ron Daly 12
The Church of Christ Aaron Erhardt 15
In a Closed System Paul K. Williams 16
What Causes Us To Be Good? Harold Fite 17
Simple Common Sense Lewis Willis 18
Important Lessons From the Genealogies of Jesus Randy Blackaby 19
Principles That Pertain to Social Drinking Ray Warfel, Jr. 21