August 18, 2018

March 19, 2006 Contents

Title Author Page
Now Who Is Being Intolerant? Mike Willis 2
Troubled Over Addiction Connie W. Adams 3
Reducing Mark 16:16 to a Footnote John Isaac Edwards 5
Cipriano Carpentero (1947-2005): Faithful Soldier, Dear Brother! Ron Halbrook 6
Cipriano Carpentero: A Servant of God to the End Harry Osborne 7
The Right Wrong Number: A Door Opens in the Philippines David Halbrook 9
Sunday Services Cancelled This Christmas Kevin R. Fermenick 12
Our Attitudes Toward Our Brethren Jesse Flowers 14
Why We Don’t Have Time Donnie V. Rader 18
When I Forsake the Assembly of the Saints David C. Morrison, Jr 20