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November 1, 2007 Contents

Title Author Page
“Where Are The Nine?” Mike Willis 2
An Appeal to Foreign Workers Connie W. Adams 4
Dating the Early Church Ethan Longhenry 6
Footnotes1 Steve Wolfgang 8
Book Reviews Chris Reeves 9
Thanksgiving and Singing David Maravilla 10
Divorce Rate Falls to Lowest Level Since 1970 Jesse Flowers 11
Who Started the Church of Christ and When? Tom G. O’Neal 12
Reading, Writing, and Reflecting Steve Willis 16
Why Paul Went (1): Checking Up on Churches Steve Wallace 17
I Believe: The Gospel in Scandinavia Heath Robertson 18
Questions and Answers Bobby Graham 19
Moses and the Pharaohs: Another Mummy Identified Marc Gibson 20
“Just As I Am,” But Who am I? Don Alexander 22
False Accusation and Slander Joe R. Price 24
Tithing: A New Testament Doctrine? William V. Beasley 26
Will Churches Soon Have ATMs, Credit and Debit Cards For Giving? Randy Blackaby 27
On the Lighter Side Dan King, Sr. 28
The Lost Book Donald P. Ames 29
Children’s Activities Donna Halbrook 30