February 17, 2019

October 1, 1998 Contents

Title Author Page
Who Drew the “Line in Sand” Against Gays? Richie Thetford front page
The Spirit of Isaac Mike Willis 2
What If God Is Listening To Our Songs? J.S. Smith 3
Three Things Which Justify Johnie Edwards 5
Christ, the Disturber of Men Donald Townsley 6
Jewish Feasts and Festivals (2) Kyle Campbell 8
Preachers Are Not Immune to the Pitfalls of Life! William C. Sexton 10
Caesarea Mike Willis 12
Reading, Writing, and Refl ecting Steve Willis 14
Preacher On The Run! Roger L. Taylor 16
One, Yet Three Paul K. Williams 17
Public Reading of the Scriptures Donnie V. Rader 18
Are You More Than What You Have Become? Richard Boone 19
Did Your Baptism Benefi t You? Bobby Witherington 20
“Well, It Seems Right To Me” Alexander Caldwell 22
Children Deserve the Best Irvin Himmel 24