June 25, 2018

October 1, 2007 Contents

Title Author Page
Dumbing Down the Church Mike Willis 2
In the News Steven Deaton 4
“I Drench My Couch With Tears” Olen Holderby 5
Dating the Life of Jesus Ethan R. Longhenry 6
Singing With Understanding David Maravilla 8
Reading, Writing, and Reflecting Steve Willis 9
Creation Museum Ray Warfel 10
Book Marks Chris Reeves 13
No Divorce and Remarriage “Except It Be For Fornication” Ron Halbrook 14
Rules For Dating Kurt Jones 19
On the Lighter Side Dan King 20
Children’s Activities Donna Halbrook 21
Why They Went Out (4) Steve Wallace 22
Sea of Galilee Mike Hardin 24
Opportunity Dennis Abernathy 26
Questions and Answers Bobby Graham 28
Dear Young Person (3): Whom Should You Date? Jesse Flowers 30