June 18, 2018

October 15, 1998 Contents

Title Author Page
Nick At Night Dick Blackford front page
Unscrambling An Egg Mike Willis 2
Why I Believe The Bible Bobby Witherington 3
Tolerate, Then Embrace Larry Ray Hafley 5
Young People’s Lectureships Donnie Rader 6
Did Jesus Condemn? Steve F. Deaton 7
Our Personal Life Is Not a Private Matter Richie Thetford 8
The Importance of Bible Study Matthew Allen 10
Life Lessons In Honesty Daniel H. King, Sr. 12
God’s Clergy and Laity Randy Harshbarger 13
The Shame of Nakedness Steve Wallace 14
Attitudes Towad the Preaching of the Gospel Tom Roberts 18
The Disposition of a Christian Don Willis 22