February 17, 2019

October 16, 2003 Contents

Title Author Page
Boy Dies At Faith Healing Service John Isaac Edwards front page
The Vanity of Life Mike Willis 2
New Testament Evangelism Connie W. Adams 3
“Do Not Your Righteousness Before Men” Jim C. McDonald 5
“The Orphan Homes Issue” 1947 Until Now Bill Cavender 6
Seven Churches of Asia Represent Modern Denominationalism? Larry Ray Hafley 9
Joshua Mark Mayberry 11
Religious Debate Joe R. Price 12
A Loving Tribute to Edward Warren Needham James P. Needham 16
Is Drunkenness All That the Bible Condemns About Drinking Alcohol? Kyle Pope 18
Who Is/Was Jesus? Abraham Smith 20
How Many Covenants? Johnie Edwards 22
Saul’s Downfall: Wrong Worship! William C. Sexton 23
The Key to Marriage is Dating David Charles Morrison, Jr. 24
Paul’s Prayer Requests Bart Campbell 27