July 18, 2018

Phillip Staggs Seeking a Church

Phillip Staggs
(615) 336-9453
Spring Hill, TN

What is the name and location of the congregation of which you are currently a member? Jackson Heights church of Christ, Columbia, TN

How many years have you been preaching full-time? 11+

How many gospel meetings do you typically hold each year? 2–4

If you do any preaching out of the country, where and how often? (N/A if none.) N/A

Please list the congregations (with locations) with which you have worked full-time in the past. (N/A if none.) Holts Chapel church of Christ (Franklin, TN), Orange Park church of Christ (Orange Park, FL), Hillsboro Heights church of Christ (Moulton, Alabama), Shively church of Christ (Louisville, KY)

If you have a desired region(s) or state(s), please list it/them here. These would be my preferred locations but am open to other locations: Tennessee, Kentucky, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas.

Are you seeking full support? Open

Are you seeking a congregation with elders? Either

When can you start/move? (Provide a date.) August 2014

Please provide any other relevant information. I began preaching at the age of 14. I have done radio work, television and print work as well as local preaching, teaching, and personal evangelism. I am married and have three sons (22, 20& 18), one daughter-in-law and one granddaughter. I attended Florida College in the late 80's.

I can provide numerous references upon request.


Posted: 2014.07.31