December 11, 2018

Preachers Seeking Churches

This list of preachers looking for churches is for churches of Christ that

1) do not worship with mechanical instruments,
2) do not support any centralized efforts of churches to found and fund parachurch organizations, and
3) do not engage in sponsoring church arrangements.

An ad posted here does not mean we know or that we endorse the preacher. Churches making contact with these preachers should do their own investigation. An advertisement can be posted on this page free of charge. NOTE: These postings will be removed after six months. If after that time you would like to continue to have your ad posted, you must resubmit it.

Due to security and privacy concerns we will no longer post the names and contact information for any references. It is requested that those churches interested contact a preacher directly for that information.

To submit an ad for a Preacher Seeking A Church click here.


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